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We offer massage solutions for many situations. Whether you are on the go or have an injury that needs rehabilitation. Far Infrared Heat is the key to Ceragem Calgary’s business. The Ceragem Automatic Thermal Massager eases sore muscles and aches and pains from arthritis. It improves blood circulation, reduces stress, improves posture and relaxes the entire body.  To be effective, it is recommended that you use your Ceragem everyday, or every other day to gain full benefits and begin the healing process.

Ceragem Calgary CeramatDeragem Calgary Massaging Insoles

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Ceragem Calgary Kangen Waterimage002.jpgCeragem Calgary Kangen Water

The Ceragem Classic

Our Original Classic Thermal Massage Bed.






Class II Medical Device

The Ceragem Healax

  Hands free percussion massager

The Ceragem V3

Our Brand New Ceragem Thermal Massage Bed. This Ceragem bed has more options than the original.






 Massaging Insoles

  The ultimate treat for your  feet.

The Ceragem Ceramat

The Ceramat is the ultimate EMF electric blanket. 


As seen on TV

Reduce Wrinkles Naturally








The Ceragem Mini Goodle

“On the go” new portable, far infrared muscle soothing heating pad.

Kangen Water Machine

Change your water change your life!